About Greek’s Nutritional Tradition

Greece is a land with special characteristics which are visible everywhere: in the climate , in the Greek people’s character, in the intellectual and historical achievements and in the nutrition education of the people.
The mainland with its mountainous regions and the coastal areas and islands with their long curved beaches provide a wide variety of microclimates and rich land. Every area in Greece can produce products of unique quality and taste.
The cultural foundation of our people is strongly linked to their dietary habits. The Greek people have acquired tremendous experience in the production of fresh and processed food products since ancient times.
The Greek families have always made good use of their local products which are of exceptional quality and taste. They have not only used them in their daily cooking but they have also stored sufficient amounts of food after processing them at home. In this way they did not waste anything and they were able to secure their food supplies for long periods of time mainly in the winter.

Hellenic Symbol,
Quality and Delivery
that adorns our labels!

All of the above are symbolized on the labels of our products and on our publications with an ancient local coin, the “Farmer of Visaltia”. It is a silver tetradrachm from the age of Chalkidon, 5th century B.C. from the fertile area of the northwestern part of Mount Paggaio. It depicts a farmer who is cultivating his field as the ancient Greek coins always depicted the habits of the people.