These miraculous for the health and tasty seeds are the cornerstone of mediterranean nutrition. They are collected directly at the point of production, throughout Greece.
Pulses are dried seeds which are delicious and essential for a balanced diet. They have a high nutritional value, contain many proteins and are a source of fiber and probiotics.

We can enjoy them warm or cold, plain or with meat, fish or greens. They are perfect for salads and soups but they can also be served as a main dish. For this reason global consumption of pulses is constantly increasing.

We have chosen delicious fast-cooking Greek beans from the region of Nevrokopi, Drama, chickpeas from Alistrati and lentils from the regions of Western Macedonia and Farsala. They are semi-mountainous areas, plateaus with a unique micro-climate (dry with a great difference in temperature from day to night) and soil with suitable texture. The cultivation of the pulses is based on traditional methods and years of experience which result in exceptional products.
You can choose the desired packaging. The quality however remains the same.