Traditional Pasta

Traditional Pasta

Spaghetti and pasta dishes! Popular meals all over the world! How could Agrimon not prepare a special sauce for pasta? How could Agrimon not enrich the tomato sauce with the internationally recognized Greek products, feta and olives, which are perfectly combined with pasta?

We have created: “Ideal Pasta Sauce”, “Zesty Pasta Sauce”, “Savory Pasta Sauce”, “Rich Pasta Sauce”, “Special Pasta Sauce” or “ Pastagood” – good for pasta

For pasta lovers and pasta dishes.
Pasta has always been a staple food of the traditional Greek diet. Trachanas (Frumenty), noodles etc. are consumed regularly since they are rich in fiber and carbohydrates which are basic sources of energy. They have always been made during the summer months usually after the harvest and threshing.

Pasta is low in fat and protects against cholesterol. It contains phosphorous and magnesium and is rich in vitamins B and E.

Ideally, pasta is served with olive oil, tomato sauce and herbal plants which are the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.

Our pasta is made according to traditional homemade recipes that have been passed down through generations. Only pure raw materials (semolina, eggs, flour, milk etc.) are used to produce Agrimon pasta products.
You can choose the desired packaging. The quality however remains the same.