Himalayan Salt and Aromatic Salt

Himalayan Salt and Aromatic Salt

Our team loves exotic cuisine and we want to bring you the best ingredients for such dishes. We are still in our first steps but we aim to broaden the variety soon!
Give it a try and you won’t regret it. Taste knows no borders!
We have created a selection of four kinds of salt. They are ground Himalayan salt and salt enriched with essential oils of Greek aromatic plants.

The Himalayan rock salt is a recognized product which does not increase blood pressure and it contains a wealth of beneficial minerals. It was created in conditions of great pressure and it has never been exposed to pollution. It is recommended that its crystal form should be used as bath salts.

Our semi-coarse Greek salt enriched with extracts from aromatic plants is perfect for marinating meat and fish. It gives flavour without bitterness because it does not contain any traces of dried plants. It is considered suitable for dishes or salads since it adds flavour and aroma.
You can choose the desired packaging. The quality however remains the same.

Polypropylene bags with carton labels

Salt in Vase with Sticker Label