Herbs & Spices

Herbs & Spices

They are tasty, aromatic and have a high nutritional value. A lot of them also have antioxidant and therapeutic properties.
The aromatic plants and herbs had a special place in the dietary habits of the ancient peoples. Our country has a rich biodiversity of plants. There are about 6,000 species and subspecies of wild plants in Greece. Seven hundred of these are not found anywhere else in the world and 20% of the plants are aromatic and medicinal.

The properties of the aromatic plants and herbs have been known since ancient times. Hippocrates spoke greatly about the therapeutic properties of the plants. Nowadays we see that herb therapy, aromatherapy and flower therapy are gaining ground again.

Our company provides an exclusive selection of Greek aromatic plants and herbs with an emphasis on their dietary use and their suitability as drinks. They are cultivated by trained farmers or they are gathered in the wild. Then they are dried in the shade and are vacuum packed in order to retain their unique aroma as fully as possible.
You can choose the desired packaging. The quality however remains the same.

Polypropylene bags with carton labels