Traditional Greek Jams

Traditional Greek Jams

Our jams are prepared traditionally. They are gently boiled to the right consistency so that the flavours and colours of the fruits are preserved. High quality fruit pectin is used in our jams and they do not contain any fragrance or colour additives. They are ideal for breakfast and can be used as toppings for yoghurt or ice cream.
The Greeks had the habit of not wasting anything and this led them to the processing of fresh fruit and vegetables into sweets and jams. In this way they managed to preserve them and supplement their diets.

Our jams are prepared with sufficiently ripened fruits that are full of sugars and natural pectin. The results are bright-coloured Agrimon jams with a delicious taste, an intense typical aroma and the exceptional colour of the fruit. The cherries and figs are from Serres, the strawberries are from Peloponnisos, the peaches are from Pella and the oranges are from Arta.

Agrimon jams do not contain any added colours or aromas.